Electrastim Tartarus Quadripolar Electro Butt Plug


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Do you long for an electro butt plug that has just a little more oomph? That you could change the sensations in creative new ways beyond using a different pattern? The Tartarus Quadripolar Butt Plug builds upon a classic bullet shaped plug with a distinct twist that enhances the sensation due to the quadripolar design where the body of the plug is split into four distinct conductive areas that are independently controlled. Comparable in size to the best-selling Medium Rocker Butt Plug, the unique configuration of the four conductive zones stimulates 360 degrees around the anal passage. This broad spread of sensation creates an intense illusion of extra ‘fullness’ during use without pushing the physical limits of less experienced user. By using dual output stimulator (sold separately) the four sections of Tartarus can be connected in such a way that the electro passes from conductive point to conductive point in a circular motion. This creates a brand-new type of electro-sensation called ‘Virtual Rotation’ where the plug feels as though it’s twisting and turning while remaining completely still. Each socket in the base of Tartarus corresponds to a section of the plug which gives you complete freedom to experiment with any configuration desired and the differences they make to the sensations. Using a Continuous Wave or Pulse pattern will result in a pleasingly powerful sensation and an enhanced sensation of ‘fullness’ but we recommend trying an alternating Wave or Pulse pattern which will fire different sectors of the plug at different times. Quadripolar play requires a 2 channel stimulator such as Flick Duo, Flux, AXIS or SensaVox  and both of your usual cables so you have four sockets plugged in at once.

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