Explosive Kiss Popping Candies Watermelon Flavour


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Bring the magic into your mouth and surprise yourself and your partner with a new addictive sensation: small candies bursting on your tongue and making hilarious unexpected pops all of a sudden. Drop a few popping candies in your mouth to start enjoying their seductive effect. Add a wow element to your oral sex play sessions and get ready to be popping candy-ed (seduced) for life! You can use popping candies in many creative ways during your sensual play: add on your breast or any erogenous external areas and invite your partner to enjoy the sound and effect in their mouth or prepare a surprising bath for your partner. Fill the tube with water at the right temperature and drop a bag or more of Popping Candies inside. Invite your partner in and listen to the sparkling effect of popping candies in the water. Have fun!

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